Want to be a Vendor at Patio?

We are SOLD OUT for May 2017's Patio!



Patio on Park Hill!

Thursday, May 25, 2017 | 5pm - 9pm | Lakehill Shopping Center, NLR


We are very excited about our 5th Patio on Park Hill event! 

We are expecting at least 3000 people to attend! And we are thrilled to announce that Patio made The Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas 2016 Runner Up for Best Neighborhood Festival!

We have a limited amount of space for vendors! This is on a FIRST COME FIRST PAID BASIS. You will be counted as a vendor when you have COMPLETED THE FORM WITH YOUR PAYMENT!

Because of the growth in our event, we have hired an Event Director, Stan Jackson.  He will be your contact the day of the event.

Setup: YOU MUST BE SET UP BY 3PM (you can arrive as early as 12n) - – No vendors will be allowed to set up after 3pm

Your spot will be determined the day of, based your time of arrival. Event will take place RAIN OR SHINE.  No refunds.




  • One year membership to PHBMA 
  • Support of PHBMA
  • Able to attend monthly PHBMA meetings
  • Logo on our website - www.parkhillbusiness.com
  • Free access to post on our Facebook page
  • Become more involved in the big changes that are happening in Park Hill!!
  • 10x10 booth space at event to the following events: (you will need to provide all materials for your space)
  • Tour de Bark – April 29, 2017 (contact John Gregan at johngregan@att.net for information) - NO LONGER APPLICABLE
  • Patio on Park Hill – May 25, 2017

ALREADY A MEMBER? Then you still need to fill out the form to SECURE YOUR SPOT.  Once you fill out the form, ignore the next window that prompts you to pay.



10x10 booth space (you will need to provide all materials for your space)



10x10 booth space (you will need to provide all materials for your space)


If you are interested in an ADDITIONAL 10X10 BOOTH SPACE - $50


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE (fastest and easiest to get registered)


PRINT A FORM (if we are filled by the time your form and payment arrive, we will return to you)


Mail or drop off your completed form and check to:

(please make checks out to the Park Hill Business and Merchants Association)

The Bridal Cottage

Attn: Lindy Lanford

3305 JFK Blvd, NLR, AR 72116

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